1. SC/LC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Optic Fiber ConnectorOptic fiber connector is one of the most basic components in optical fiber communications system. The earliest few types including FC, SC and MU were developed by NTT in Japan and the Germany designed DIN 47256 type. In order to reduce footprint, Bell Labs developed
    1. MT-RJ/MPO Optic Fiber ConnectorMT-RJ and MPO optic fiber connectors belong to MT series, which makes use of the guide hole and guide pin with 0.7mm diameter to achieve connection with perfect alignment. The pin and hole are installed on the end face of the product.
    1. SMA Optic Fiber ConnectorSMA optic fiber connector is usually used in optical fiber communication system for some special occasions such as testing equipment, data network, military instrument and medical devices. This optical connector comes with two types of ferrule, which are ceramic and metal

SM/MM Optic Fiber Connector

Optic fiber connector is a passive optical device, which means it does not require power to operate. Most of the time, this connector is used to provide connection between fibers. Other time, it connects fibers to active devices or other passive devices.

Over history, the fiber-optic communications industry has developed a wide variety of optical connectors. According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 30 sorts of optical fiber connectors serving in the world today. The most widely used ones including SC, LC, FC and ST types have already been widely used in optical communications and optical sensor system as well as other application areas.

Currently, optical communications industry is headed for ultra-high speed, large-capacity, and long-distance transmission. Everywhere you look, at home, in the office or on the road, you will find an optical connector in the CATV, fiber optic LAN, and other user systems. Needless to say, the connector should be more diversified and versatile to meet the tough standards of the FTTH network.

Through continuous development since 1995, our company has successfully made the first SC connector in China and successively developed LC, FC and other types. After ten years of development, we can now put out 1,000,000 sets of optical products on a monthly basis.

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