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Fiber Cable Solution Technology Co., Ltd. (FCST) - General Manager Mr. Lee

To be honest, our company wouldn't have developed as it has today without the help and support from ARK. When I first got into optical fiber communication industry, I was faced with many difficulties. I didn't even know how to obtain product and technology support back then. Later, I got to know the boss of ARK through a friend's introduction. By the way she acted, I found she would be a good friend and a good business partner. Being with her will make you deeply feel that a single conversation across the table with a wise person is worth more than a month's study of books. We have discussed about products, technology, market, management and team building, etc. We also learned from each other, encouraged each other and helped each other. Nowadays, both of our companies are well developed in the industry.

Our company has been doing business with ARK for years. Their main products include optical fiber patch cord, optical fiber adapter, optical fiber connector, optical attenuator, fiber optic converter, PLC and other FTFH related products. They always provide customers with products with good quality and low price as well as a full range of before-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. Therefore, we have nothing to worry about. Moreover, our clients are all highly satisfied with the products form ARK and order quantity is improving all the time. Recently, our company has been trying to expand the scope of ARK's new products including collimator, isolator, CWDM, optical switch, FTTH fusion splicer and optical fiber cutter. ARK still doesn't have the products some of our clients need. Hence, we hope ARK could offer more diversified products to meet further requirement of more customers.

I have faith in the boss of ARK and her team. I have more confidence in more cooperation between us, more clients and higher sales in the future. I sincerely hope that ARK could keep going forward to develop and manufacture new products in the new year.