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From Lulink

Lulink Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Xiao

Our company has cooperated with ARK for many years. With ARK's support, the volume of our business has grown significantly. We have successfully earned customers' trust and enhanced customer loyalty.

The company is located in Yuanzheng Science Park, Bantian Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen. The science park has a very good environment, clean and comfortable. There are plenty of plants and there is also a basketball court where people can exercise. I had made a special trip to ARK before. We received polite reception by the worker at the reception desk the minute we got on the fifth floor of the second building. Then, their staff took us to visit their warehouse, workshops and quality department. Workers in workshops, all in blue overalls, were doing their own job expertly at their stations. There were production lines for making patch cords, attenuators and connectors. The working atmosphere was very harmonious. Every production line was like a family. Staff of quality department were busying with testing products. I paid particular attention to the detection step and I found that the testing results were very good.

Scene like this really set my mind at ease. Since then, we made many deals with ARK and they never made us disappointed. They did very well in maintaining high product quality and packaging as well as other aspects. Functionality, performance, availability, and supportability of ARK's products were perfect. Their products were well received by our customers and issue about customer complaint, which has been annoying us all the time, was much alleviated. With increasing orders, ARK offered us more reasonable price and greater technology support. Hence, our company is able to function smoothly. It is really important to have a good business partner and ARK is one. ARK has always been a leader in many aspects including quality, price and service in optical fiber communication industry in China. I hope we can build a glorious future hand-in-hand.