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From Hwaying

Hwaying Electronic Co., Ltd., in Dongguan, China Manager Sun

One day, I called Miss Dong, a clerk in ARK, at one P.M. to see if ARK had 500 meters of OM4 single core LSZH 3.0mm optical cable. She told me colleagues working in the warehouse were off duty right now and she was eating out and couldn't check the inventory status at once. She asked me if it was okay she would reply me at two o'clock when she started to work. At that time I was in a hurry and hastily said no to her. I explained that our client was from New Zealand and they wanted their order to be confirmed today. Because of time differences, they would get off work at our two o'clock. I begged her to find a way out. After emitting a long "oh" on the phone, Miss Dong said she would immediately find the related worker and check for me.

I waited for her call uneasily because I knew it was inappropriate to ask people to work at noon when they are supposed to take a break. However, I had no other choice and the order from our client was pretty urgent. Soon, I received her call and she told me that she had waked up the warehouse supervisor, who was sleeping. He was on his way back to the company and she could give me the answer in five minutes. A few minutes later, Miss Dong called again and told me there was sufficient stock to fulfill the order. Thank god, this deal was smoothly done. Miss Dong really did me a huge favor. Thank ARK for the consistent support. I truly trust ARK's service.