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Passive Optical Devices for WuhanYangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Company Ltd.

Yangtze optical fiber and cable company Ltd. (YOFC) was jointly founded by the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Wuhan municipal government and Philips of the Netherlands in 1988, and now is being operated by China Telecommunications (Group) Corporation, Wuhan Changjiang Telecommunications Industrial Group Corporation Ltd. and Draka Holding N.V. of the Netherlands. The headquarters is located at Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone and its area is about 170,000 square meters.

YOFC is dedicated to the manufacturing, research and development of optical fiber and fiber optic cable products. It is a manufacturer with the most complete product specifications, the most advanced technology and thhe largest scale of production in China. YOFC has cumulatively manufactured and sold 150 million kilometers of fibers and cables since it went into operation in 1992. The total sales reached 30 billion yuans. In terms of production and sales, YOFC has been ranked No. 1 for eighteen straight years in China and become the leader of fibers and cables enterprises worldwide.

ARK Communication Co., Ltd. had the honor to be one of YOFC's suppliers because of highly cost-effective fiber optic components and excellent pre-sales and after-sales services. ARK has been working closely with YOFC after that.

In 2008, YOFC established a terminal business department to respond to the flourishing of optical communication terminal market. ARK has established a good reputation for working with Wuhan Accelink Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Sunsea Telecommunications Co., Ltd.. YOFC has investigated ARK as a major supplier of passive optical devices for a long time.

In 2009, ARK became a recognized supplier of passive optical devices after being through strict examination and screening by YOFC. This was all due to our good reputation and cost-effective products. We provided various kinds of fiber optic adapters on a large scale for YOFC afterwards.

In 2010, the sales between our cooperation reached three million yuans. In the next few years, we established a long-term cooperative relationship with YOFC. ARK has never stopped working with YOFC since 2009. Perfect product quality, reasonable price and satisfactory delivery time make us an excellent supplier for YOFC.